mr. claus.

(Because I love the CRAP outta this girl.)

Dear Santa,
Just in case you were doubting how unbelievably nice I have been this year, I thought I'd take you on a little trip down memory lane... Since January I have been up to the business of...

Showing gratitude for blessings great and small...
Being honest with myself about my capabilities.
Working on my domestic side...
Speaking of working... I have WORKED my butt off this year!
Learning more and more about the world I live in.
Loving to be loved by this man.
Getting through the hard things with at least a semi-smile.
Doing my best to stay fit and healthy...
Getting in touch with my crafty side.
Making big announcements!
Remembering moments too precious to keep inside.
Documenting my sweet baby boy.
Gearing up to make my New Years Resolutions.

Now that we're clear on my status atop the "Nice List," be on the look out for my letter.


P.S. Nobody does red better than you. Just saying.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I love the crap outta you too:P

You are definately on Santa's nice list...no one could deny it.

Merry Christmas! Loved the card!! And elmo, too! {I will let you know if we can come!}