about me

I am a very silly, very complicated woman with A LOT going on in my brain ALL the time! I love being with my two favorite guys in the world, baking, crafting, talking on the phone, exercise and getting my girls night on. To me, life is as simple and as difficult as I choose each day. Some days I breeze through with the wind at my back and some days it's an uphill battle all the way.

You'll find I don't hold back very much here on the blog. I don't do fake very well at all (though sometimes I try). C'mon don't we all?

It's pretty much an open book around here. Ask me whatever you want, you'll get the first answer that comes to my mind; which is always the most honest one.

I have a sweet sweet hubby and a 2 year old angel mixed with a little devil at times, and a bun in the oven. I work from home, providing childcare for working/student mamas and daddies. It's a challenging job but worth it to me to be able to stay home with my babe.

Welcome to the world of Marquesas!