Say that 10 times fast.

(We had a date and it involved cherry Icees and french fries.)

Baby boy is up to the cutest of things lately, Most of all discovering the world and trying out all kinds of new words and phrases....

- Anytime he gets his hands on a guitar he holds it (correctly I might add) and walks around singing the same four note song over and over. "Doo dee doo daa! Doo dee doo daa!"  His first original number!

- When he finds an interesting article of clothing or accessory to adorn (i.e. mommy's pearls) he struts around shouting "I'm a cool guy! I'm a cool guy!" Yes you are baby. Yes you are.

- Yesterday he was trying to make this tiny action figure stand up and every time it fell over he said "Uh oh, be careful guy. Be careful!"

- He loves to make inanimate objects dance... blocks, rags, books. "I make dance book! I make dance rag!"

(Brain freeze may have struck here.)

- This morning when I retrieved him from his bed he asked for "Dumpy book," and "Toy book." Humpty Dumpty and Two to Cuddle. He likes those two right now. Then he sat on my bed reading them to me as I readied myself for the day.

- Almost every morning his first words to me are "Where Daddy?" Yesterday he ran to look for him under the covers on our bed. Sadly, he was already at work.

(Heart to heart with Daddy)

-  Whenever he is enjoying a game or activity and we try to stop playing he says "Set...Go," until we repeat whatever we were doing. It's adorable.

- He can name anyone he sees on a regular basis now and all of his grandparents. He says "Grandpa" very very cutely.

(Best date ever!)

There are so many many things he is doing right now that just melt me everyday. I LOVE getting to spend my days with him!


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Gabe and Christina said...

Cute Pictures! I love simple date nights. I am so glad you also watch survivor. Marty had to GO! I also agree about Na. Time for her to go bye bye.