day 6.

Something you hope you never do in your life.

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There are many responses that jumped immediately into my head as soon as I read this one but the one that tugged at my heart the most is this.

I hope to never do anything in my life that will cause my husband pain. He is so so so unfailingly good to me and I never, ever want to be the one to take that silly, boyish grin from his adorable face.

Naturally, over the course of our 8 years together,feelings have been hurt and misunderstandings have happened. But I can say without a doubt that drew and I never do or say anything to intentionally hurt or belittle one another. I hope it's that way forever with us. It's funny because the number one thing that makes both of us miserable is the other one being miserable. Maybe that's why we work so well together. We always put each other first.

I am so grateful to have him as my husband and I always want to be the one who makes his bad days good and his good days better.

Thank you drew. I know our life is far from perfect and we will always have challenges to face but as long as we have each other everything really will be okay.

 I have no doubt you would give everything to make me happy. And I would do the same for you. You are more than I could ever deserve.

I love you,


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Jenn said...

I love this!! You two are definately a couple to look up to.

Meg Fletcher said...

That was so sweet! My husband and I are both sensitive people so being kind to one another is so important to us.

Sarah Ann said...

So sweet! It is so important to keep your spouse first, even ahead of yourself!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Adorable :)

Lindy said...

8 years. Awesome.