mail call...

Dear Scale,
     We said goodbye and I do not miss you. You are a horrid self esteem gobbler and I am so. over. you.

Dear Sweet Baby Miles,
     You are my angel puddin pie and I am going to miss you so when you spend the night at Amay's house tonight. I heart you .

Dear Smokin Hot Husband of mine,
     Maybe if you keep me very distracted tonight I won't even have a second to miss sweet baby miles. Think you're up to the challenge?

Dear Internet Scammer,
     You're going to get warts in all the wrong places soon. Just thought you'd like a heads up.

Dear Wonderful, Amazing Readers,
     Thank you, thank you for playing along yesterday! I am so so happy to know more about you. Let's play again soon yes?

Dear Weekend,
      Thank God you're finally here. Seriously.

Yours truly,



Kristin said...

Did I hear "MAIL CALL" over at M's?!!!! My Friday just got better by a mile and a half :-D Here's a letter of my own to add to the pile:
Dear M,
Thank you for accepting me just the way I am (and not thinking I'm a freak of nature). You are always such a wonderful encourager, and I am so glad to know you.
P.S. Enjoy your date night - got something special planned?

m.a.f said...

1. could you and your family be any cuter?

2. could your blog title and header be any better?

3. oh the dreadful scale. my thing is writing down what i eat, that's what i'm giving up. right now.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Amanda said...

the battery in our scale died...so maybe it's trying to tell us something! lol!! have a fun weekend! :)