me scuzy.


Instead of making excuses not to I think I'll try ...

Saying yes more and complaining less.
Praying more and studying harder.
Choosing a hobby and sticking to it.
Cooking dinner every night.
Making time for friends whether they like it or not. :0)
Being quiet instead of sharing gossip.
Smiling intentionally. 
Exercising and whining less about gaining 14lbs.
Taking more pictures.
Relaxing even when the house isn't spotless.
Making fewer lists and taking more action. (hee hee)

So I'm a list maker. That doesn't mean I can't also be an action taker.

(See, I took action here and finally got my caramel apple!)



Amanda said...

i'm a list maker too! all the time. glad you got your carmel apple. :)

Kristin said...

Good commitments. AND a great saying. Think I should frame that.- Been waaayyyyy too busy around here (i.e. no time for leisure blog reading), but loved catching up over here on Blimes Times today, and girl! you've been busy! Love the new look! And of course mail call, but then you know I'm MC's biggest fan :-). Fun to see you all a year ago -then now! Sorry Miles isn't sleeping much anymore. Hopefully it's just a phase. Call me if he ever falls asleep :-) Hugs, ~K

Lindy said...

Inspiring, as usual :)

Love the quote!