mail call...

(me calling for help in this time of napping crisis. Will you rescue me?)

Dear Miles,
It is NOT great that you learned how to climb out of your crib. Yes, you are an excellent climber and it is VERY cute when you come running out of your room beaming and shouting "I'm happy!" (You're so proud of yourself!) But I need the peace and calm of nap time... Like really need it so you're gonna have to stay in that bed for me son.

Dear December,
You are here. You tried to sneak up on me but this year I was ready. Christmas cards, shopping, and plans are pretty much done. In your face! Plans for Miles' birthday...now that's another story.

Dear Baby In My Belly,
You are precious to me and I can't wait to meet you in four short months! Let's get all the sleep we can now K? That means no more of this crazy insomnia we've been dealing with lately. Thanks! Oh, also the constant peeing could stand a tiny decrease as well... if you can swing it.

Dear Mail Man,
Thank you for delivering so many good tidings this week! Letters and presents are so so much better than bills!

Dear Christmas Budget,
Sadly, we laughed in your face once again this year. Hopefully we'll do better next time.

Dear The Power of a Positive Mom.
You are excellent, inspiring reading! I think I'll recommend you to the blogging world at large.

Dear Drew,
We need a bigger, much more comfy bed. A nice pillow top king with puffy white pillows and blankets...aahhh.

Dear Post,
It is taking me like a year to type you because of the tiny guy that I keep having to stop and put back to bed. I think I'll just give up now.

Dear Reader,
If you don't hear from me for a while, assume my child is no longer napping and I have no free time to blog. It has been really really great sharing our lives with you!


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