Today after lunch Miles was running around naked (as usual these days) and he kept saying "I pooped! I pooped!" Every time he said it I checked the area for signs of pooh but there was nothing. A few false alarms later there it was... A tiny splat of pooh on my dining room floor. Boo. Well, I raced him to the potty just in time because he finished the rest of his business in the potty! He did it! He pooped in the potty! It was a good thing too because from the looks of what came out of him I wouldn't have wanted to be the one changing that diaper anyway. :0) I took a picture (of course) but Drew says it's too gross to share...and I mostly agree. Maybe I'll send it to his Grandmas though...maybe.

He seemed a little freaked out by his feat and tried to jump into my arms immediately after he'd finished but of course he needed to be wiped. He did like using toilet paper instead of wipes though so that was kinda fun. Ah, I love that kid. I can't believe what a big boy he's becoming.

Now I need to go put him back in his bed for the hundredth time this nap time because I hear him walking around in his room... He thinks he's so sneaky :0)

This week has been exhausting! We've made great strides in some areas and have taken huge steps backwards in others... Maybe next week will bring back the balance. As for the weekend, friends, football, wedding reception, church, groceries, and hopefully mailing out the Christmas Cards!

Have a good Friday!



freya said...

yay for miles! and yay for you mom! you don't want to be changing to sets of diapers!

happy weekend!

freya said...

to obviously mean two


freya said...

oh my gosh my fingers are tired from all day working... which means i sound like an idiot.
hahahahaha please forgive me for the letters dropping out of words, i should really reread comments before i click post.

(sorry for the comment attack ha)

White Folk said...

Happy times with the Blimes! Way to go Miles! I look so very forward to the day Parks wants to use the big potty! :)

Barbie and Craig said...

GOOOOOOOOO MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You rock my world, little boy.

Hoping you can get that little munchkin to stay in his bed. NOT looking forward to that transition. Just not.

May the force be with you!!!

Jenn said...

Yay for pooping in the potty Miles! Yes, 2 brings on all new struggles:) They don't call it terrible 2's for nothing, that's for sure...hehe.

We plan (plan, HAHA, us?...)on going to Country Christmas, when will y'all be here?

The Hargretts said...

Way to Go Miles!!! That is a very exciting step in life. Also, your weekend sounds like ours too! =)