without love i won't survive.

I remember the moment I realized I was in love with you. I was on Monroe Street stopped in traffic. I was thinking about you and how I would see you soon. ( You lived in tampa then and me in Tally). I was thinking about how in a month or so you would be leaving for two years and I wouldn't get to see you or talk to you. Only write you letters. It was a strange feeling, knowing you wouldnt just be there whenever I wanted, needed. I was pretty sure saying goodbye to you would literally kill me. (And I still say it nearly did.) Even then you were necessary to my survival. Just like you are now. Just like you always will be.

Falling in love with you snuck up on me. It happened slowly, gradually, and before I even realized what was happening  I was gone. I didnt stand a chance really. Some things are just meant to be. I was postive you felt the same. When we were together it felt like the whole world was filled with love.

So I said it first. "I love you." And of course you said it right back. And later that night you walked up behind me, wrapped your arms around me and said "Now when I do this you know it's because I love you."

It was a great moment. One I never want to forget.

I love you still Drew Blimes. "In a not so 'friendly' sorta way."



Barbie and Craig said...

so tender. i love it. everyone should be so lucky :)

Amanda said...

what a sweet picture of you two.

Wonsch Family said...

sniff,sniff, so sweet. Ahh, the memories.

The Hargretts said...

This is one of my most favorite pictures of you two!! It's so sweet =)

Kristin said...

Thank you for sharing your inspiring love with us M!