because lately you've been really attached to wet rags.

Miles is doing everything lately it seems. He can articulate what he wants. He can trouble shoot. He can put his own shorts and shoes on. He can climb ANYTHING. There are a few Miles-isms that I wanted to document before they're gone forever.

- Yesterday he wouldn't go to bed (nap time or night night time) without this little wet blue wash cloth.
- When I give him what he wants he says "Cank you. You're wehcome."
- He is in love with oranges but always pretends to gag while he's eating them so I'll react. (And I am the sucker who always does).
- Sometimes when he falls down and he knows I'm watching he just pops right back up and says "I'm okay!"
- He has been giving great hugs and laying his head on my shoulder a lot lately. ( I really really love that.)
- He loves Elmo's World but is terrified of Mr. Noodle.Whenever Elmo goes to ask Mr. Noodle a question Miles shakes his head wildly and says "No! No! Noodle!" I find this fascinating.
- Every night when we say "Amen, " after family prayer he says "Couch." He knows he gets a few snuggle minutes before he has to get in his own bed. And lately, when it's time to lay down he just lays down, lets us cover him up and falls asleep w/o a peep.
- Sometimes if I'm sitting on the couch reading a book or using my phone he will point to the couch and say "Couch, " over and over til I put whatever I'm doing down on the couch. Then he'll take my hand and walk me away from it.
- All day long he makes these hilarious faces like he's surprised and really excited over the cutest, small things. A squirrel at the window, a picture in a book he recognizes. It's great! His mouth and eyes open really wide and he just smiles.
- Last week he helped me make some cookies for Daddy. And he really helped. He poured in the chips and the sugars. he played with the broken egg shells and helped me stir. He even put a ball of dough on the sheet. The best part was when he discovered that he could eat the dough. Yummy!

I love my baby boy! I can't believe he's going to be two in just a couple months.



freya said...

oh man, he is so awesome. well done m (and drew).
i can't believe he's almost two either! time flies!

Kristin said...

How darling! Good for you...writing them down so you won't ever forget those cute Miles-isms :-). Hope you are well M. - Haven't heard from you lately. Anything new? Love from, ~K

Domesticated-Bliss said...

So precious :) You have a wonderful little man!