so sometimes...

Sometimes I wake up at exactly 2am to pee every night in a row for like 2 weeks.
Sometimes I am so tired that just sitting on  the couch wears me out.
Sometimes I eat Funyons right before bed cuz I just need to.
Sometimes my moods get to swinging like George of the Jungle on speed.
Sometimes I find my pants aren't fitting like I want them to anymore.
Sometimes I get so excited I can barely stand it.
Sometimes I am absolutely terrified.
Sometimes my Dr. tells me I look bloated and I want to slap her.
Sometimes the names Henry and Violet make my heart feel so happy..
Sometimes I'm 13 weeks pregnant. And absolutely giddy about it!

 Another gorgeous photo via Lindsey Lou Photography. Seriously, have you been photographed by her yet? Book today!



Windy Poplars


Jennifer Porter said...

I guessed it, though not HOW pregnant you are. Congrats!! And cute way to tell..I had forgotten about the surprise, so it was a surprise!

Todd & Nichole said...

COngrats! THat is so exciting. I was thinking that you might be the other day. Random. But I guess you are. YAy!

Gabe and Christina said...

Yah! I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Love the picture. You are so beautiful!

Gabe and Christina said...
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Katie and John Newman said...

Congrats! I am jealous because I have baby fever so bad!!

Leah said...

Awww congratulations! That's so exciting!!

Barbie and Craig said...

HOOOORRRAAAAAAYYYYY!!! So happy for you and your little family! So happy the baby is healthy! So happy you get to have another cute little, just like Miles! So happy Heavenly Father blesses us so abundantly with the opportunity to be mommies! So happy the news is out :) So happy for you for SO many reasons! And most selfishly...


Our babes are destined to be friends! Kinda like we were :)

Kim said...

Congrats Marquesas! how wonderfully exciting!!!

Megan Joy Hull :) said...

Congrats Marquesas! I still check out your blog but have yet to update mine from over two years ago! Sad! Anyhow- That is so wonderful- the first child is amazing and for me having the second was even more amazing in the sense that you love them just as much but motherhood is not so overwhelming because you have already done it once before. (I just had another girl- Addison Joy on June 17th of this year!)

I really enjoy your blog- I feel I know you better now then I ever did when I lived in Talley. Your honesty, faith and courage are an inspiration!

take care

Megan Joyner-Hull :)

PB&J said...

Congrats, I'm so super happy for you! And you and Barbie both prego - I just can't stand it! :) Yay for babies, congrats again!

Kristin said...

I LOVE how you broke the news to the world M! You really are a fun blogger :-). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a girl 'cuz I would love to have a friend who had a little girl named Violet! Just sayin' ;-) Congrats again!

hays said...

congrats to you!