if there's a scream inside of you just let it go.

(A very pregnant fall 2 years ago.)

So my calendar says today is the first day of fall. This pleases me very much. It makes me want to bake. It makes me feel  delusional ambitious enough to believe I can pull off hosting this years Thanksgiving dinner.

I can definitely take care of business when it comes to the dessert side of things; no doubt about that. But the turkey. Wow that bird is frightening.  I'm not so into meat to begin with but the thought of ripping the guts and inwards out of the poor bird just to stuff it full of bread crumbs and onions or whatever the heck you cram inside those things... It might be too much for me.

Maybe. We'll see.

Either way, I am ready for this season. It makes me feel refreshed and alive. It's ironic really because fall is the season when everything is dying and preparing for a long grey winter. But it does good things for my soul.

And the Reese's Pumpkins are here.

What could be better than that?


One fall ago. Kindly disregard the bangs. It was windy.

Two falls ago. 7 months pregnant with my baby boy. 

Three falls ago. We were happy renters. Our pumpkin was a mummy. Mable was our baby.

Same fall as the mummy pumpkin. This is still my all time favorite fall outfit. (Even if Drew says it's weird) It was my Mema's. I wear it and feel her close by. 


MA said...

You are too cute in all your pictures! I love fall too. So though the weather is still molting hot, bring on the fall decor and pumpkin treats! Miss you MJ!

Kristin said...

My kindred fall friend. I love your dress (even if Drew thinks it's weird)! My soul is already feeling renewed as the leaves begin to change here in VA.- I'm w/ you - no turkey cooking for me. G.R.O.S.S. Tried it once, and in my book, once is enough for any lifetime! :-) Hope you're having a great day dearie! ~K