I knew I'd love her when...

When in one of our first one-on-one conversations we both ended up in tears as listened to her recount the story of her miracle grand daughter.

When she told me she knew Drew and I would end up together when she first met me.

When one night on a long quiet road trip, during an especially dark time in my life; she asked me a hard, honest question and I wasn't afraid to tell her the truth. 

And she and accepted my answer. 

She is one of the most understanding people I have ever met. Maybe the most.

When she told me she plans to put pink tips in her hair.

You know how it says in the scriptures that all the hosts of heaven sang for joy when Jesus Christ was born? We were there then, all of us that had died or had yet to be born, in those hosts. Singing for joy. When she told me that I believed her. And I knew I loved her. 

 When she wrote a suspense novel that still creeps me out years later.

When she tied Drew's shoes when he was little. And wiped his tears. And persevered through his rebellious teenage years.  And raised him into a man worth fighting for. I may not have known her but I love who she was then.

When even now, when he's down too low for me to pick up I tell him to call her. And he is better. 

When she told me NOT to get my nose pierced. (Thanks again for that one!)

When she is chatty (which is mostly always), and I LOVE chatty people.

When it is so easy to get her to share her testimony. It happens naturally, several times just in normal conversations with her. 

When Miles made her a birthday cake out of blocks and called it...

"Happy Ganny Cake! Happy Ganny Cake!"

She is very uplifting.

She's one of those women I want to be when I grow up.

I love you Lee! Happy Birthday!



Me said...

We have a pretty great mother in law, don't we?

Barbie and Craig said...

Awesome! Everyone should be blessed with a mother-in-law like that :)

Kristin said...

What a blessing M! Happy b-day to your mama-in-law!