put on your red shoes.

(Because I keep getting questions as to how I got my hair to do this... It is called a Waver. Mine is by Vidal Sassoon but they are everywhere now. Just make sure you get a LARGE barrel waver, otherwise you'll get the crimped look!)

Man this weekend was a whirlwind of good times!

Ok, the softball game Friday night was not awesome. We lost BIG TIME. But I still had a decent amount of fun and afterwards we had some pretty yummy food so that makes it all better right?

Saturday brought a little crafting, skype-ing with Drew's parents, grocery shopping, a NOLE victory and hosting a wedding shower for a dear couple. I am happy for them. And it was a fun and romantic night.

*Side note* Miles can now climb out of the grocery cart. I spent the majority of my shopping trip trying to wrangle the little devil down from death defying heights! He is a genius and a wild man and I love him. 

Sunday, ah Sunday. Woke up to an especially adoring husband; always nice (especially when theres time to enjoy it.) Church was AWESOME as usual. Especially Relief Society. I love our teachers. Always so uplifting. Miles walked right into nursery w/o a peep and didn't want to leave when we came back to get him!  Darn you LINDLEY and MICHAEL and your bubbles!!! 

After church was the most glorious nap. Napping while it's raining outside just makes me whole some how. I don't know what it is. I am so grateful for this gray, rainy weather these past two days. It is absolutely what I needed.

Then we had a great dinner with new friends. Sigh, I love getting to know new people. Especially funny and interesting ones. I'm pretty sure Drew found his musical soul mate. Or at least a long lost cousin.  I am going to force them to start a monthly jam session or something. Any other takers? C'mon, I know some guys read this blog too! And I am so happy to have met a sweet and sassy southern girl who's not afraid to speak her mind.  Yes, dinner was good.

After dinner Drew and I put our angel to bed and tried to catch up on our Fall TV line up. Whoa. That beast is outta control. I laughed the most at 30 Rock and Big Bang Theory I'm pretty sure. But overall I think the new season will be pretty good.

Mkay, this post is prolly not very interesting to most but it was our weekend. Now my BFF is on her way to spend nap time w/me and I get to cuddle her sweet baby girl. Good times.

Oh yes and General Conference is this weekend!!! So ready!!!


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Ryan and Meagan said...

Ryan thinks I talk...too much...about my mind. Sooo I'm glad you appreciate it!!!

AND Ryan has been playing the guitar non-stop. He kept saying, this is exactly what I needed. My mind is so clear. hahahahaha O my gosh. He cracks me up.

Isn't the weather today AMAZING??