the good, the bad and the... well, you get it.

(Let's do this soon dear.)

So, my tooth broke this morning. Or maybe last night. I'm not really sure when it happened but I know there is a big hole where a piece of my tooth oughta be and my mouth is not happy. Boo.

Aside from that Miles choked on and subsequently barfed up his morning fruit today. It was SCARY but he is fine now.

Also, husband and I desperately need a date night. Our weekends are so dang packed from here to 1/2 way thru November... We need time together and the energy to enjoy it.

I love you hunnie even if we are living room mate style right now. At least we are on the same team, we  love each other and we are fighting life's battles together.  I think a much needed rendezvous will have to be penciled into our hectic schedule very very soon.

Miles has taken to calling me "Bagel" lately. That's what Drew calls me. (Yes, there's a story there for later.)  Miles is calling for me right now from his bed where he is on his way to Napsville.. "Bagel! Bagel!" It makes him laugh and I too find it pretty dang amusing.

Also, I want cheesecake.

Also, I am 13 1/2 weeks into this pregnancy and have gained 2 lbs. My doctor says that's good because most people haven't gained anything by this time. Ha! What do I think of that? Not really sure.

That is all.

Happy day!



Ryan and Meagan said...


And we will babysit Miles!! Go on a date!! for reals.

lindsey said...

Holy guacamole you are pregnant!!! Congratulations M! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!! :o)

Sarah Ann said...

Yay for pregnancy! And do that date night soon!!!!

Leah said...

Two pounds? Aww.. my weight fluctuates that much within a single day. I'd say it's negligible! : )

Kristin said...

Hi M! So sorry to hear about your poor tooth :-(. There's a little package headed your way though to help cheer you up! I hope you guys get a date night squeezed in soon. I know that dry feeling... That's funny about the 2 lbs. Was he trying to make you feel good??! Look forward to hearing the "Bagel" story...hmmm...I could go for a bagel right now. Guess I'd better go eat breakfast! Talk to you soon dear~

Amanda said...

i'm so sorry about your tooth!!! and that is sooooo funny that miles is calling you bagel! how cute! :)