top ten best things today before I head to my doom.

(Doomsday Dentist Day)

10. Crafting a SWEET hair accessory for my sister...She is maybe the only person I know  daring enough to wear it and make it work.

9. Miles walking around with a wet rag on his head all morning just because he thought it was funny.

8. An impending re-reading of the Hunger Games. (Cause I love Peeta.)

7. A funny (albeit revealing) conversation with a friend.  (I love her so much more now)

6. Shelley bringing me her big bag of hand-me-down/loaner clothes.

5. A care package on the way to my dear K over at Windy Poplars. (And one coming my way too!)

4. Drew bringing me Funyuns last night cuz he's awesome like that.

3. FSU reviewing Drew's MBA application. Deciding our fate. (He's golden except for the timing of his application...3 days before the deadline.)

2. Opening a door closed long ago. (Now to figure out where the heck to go from here)

1. Hubby snuggles at 5am when I couldn't fall back to sleep.

There are lots of other great things going on but I have a dentist appointment soon and may not make it back alive. They are secretly trying to kill us all with their sharp, shiny little instruments. I just know it.  So, know I love you and wish you well.

Be kind to animals and children and don't eat too much red meat.

(Really, those are my famous last words?)




Ryan and Meagan said...

Just be grateful it isn't a front tooth!

(more white trash-ness...) LOL

I'm def impressed with the different types of hair accessories you wear! Very creative and sooo fabulous!

Barbie and Craig said...

HAHAHA! I LOVE this last words!!! They're awesome.

Are you alive, my friend?

Kristin said...

Lovely last words my dear - we shall put them on your tombstone :-D