(Because just like Carly says "nobody does it better")

So I was spared the drill yesterday at the old dentist office but I didn't escape completely unscathed.

I am losing a tooth. Today. These so called oral surgeons are going to rip it out of my head at 3pm. Well, that's what they say anyway. They may just "consult" me and send me home to make yet another appointment to mutilate my mouth. Oh the mind games they play.


When I got the news in the scary uncomfortable dentist chair yesterday I just burst out laughing.

The hygienist (sweetest lady EVER) who had earlier been so kind  to respect my wishes when I asked her NOT to poke me with the metal scrapey thing)  asked what was so funny then turned back to her typing.

"I am officially white trash." I said.

Fingers clacking keyboard...

"Yep," she says.

I laugh some more, even harder now.

"Wait! What did you just say? Sorry!!!!" She was mortified that she had just accidentally agreed her patient was Poor White Trash.

Best moment in a dentists office ever.

You probably think I am being overly dramatic about the whole dentist thing but I promise you, I am an anti-dentite thru and thru.  If I didn't need them so dang much I would seriously boycott. I am the most ungrateful dental patient the world has ever known and I don' foresee  and changes to that in the near future.

So I'll be back in the chair today at 3pm. Maybe or maybe not getting my mouth ripped apart. A prayer or two would be nice.

Just sayin.



Wonsch Family said...

aww poor M. I'll be praying for you at 1500. On the bright side, at least we have medications now, and you don't have to go it all natural. Though, I've been told its a great bonding and spiritual moment to have a tooth pulled with no epidural, oops I mean, anesthetic, haha :) just kidding.

freya said...

a raaabid anti-dentite!

i agree whole heartedly... why must it be so nerve racking to go to the dentist? sheesh!

one of the best moments of my life was when i went to get a cavity filled and the dentist said the cavity was gone! talk about miracles still happening today! i was so relieved! (or maybe there was no cavity and it was all just a mind game?)

good luck today! i hope you get a miracle!

Kristin said...

I just read this at 2:50 - thinking of you driving up to the dreaded "dentist of doom", sending a hug, and saying a little prayer for you! Btw, I'm with ya-no use for shiny silver instruments in my mouth-but I guess it beats dentures :-) Be brave my friend! Farewell!

ag. said...

too funny, hope you can think of this story as you're sitting back in the dreaded dentists chair...it's never a comfortable expereince, is it? hope all goes as well as it can!

Gabe and Christina said...

Are you okay? I hope you are. I was thinking about you today. I hate the dentist so much!