mail me love.

(Excuse the hot mess that I am. I had just had a wisdom tooth ripped from my head.)

Just as I arrived home from an awful, grueling dental appointment (more on that later) I received the most wonderful little surprise in the mail...

My Fall friendship Swap package!!!

It was divine and everything inside was like a big hug straight from the heart of my dear bloggy bff! Thank you so much Kristen for going above and beyond to make my day!

Inside I found...

A  beautiful handmade card
A perfect for M fabric flower pin (wore it last night btw!)
Handmade earrings (soooo adorable)
A cute little box full of homespun Thank You cards
Avon Apple lip balm (mmm!)
Some girly nail polish
And of course since she knows me so very very well A REESE'S BIG CUP!

It was perfect. Isn't she just the most creative dear? The pictures hardly do justice to the utter adorable-ness that was this package!

Receiving that package really made an unbearable day a lot more bear-able!

Thank you K!



Kristin said...

"You are all goodness and kindness ma'am" (name that movie)! You're welcome dearest M! I'm so very, very happy that you liked it, and am tickled pink that the timing worked out as it did = your "reward" for a rough day at the dentist :-)

Ryan and Meagan said...

That flower pin is SOOO you. Hope you're feeling better!!!!

Wonsch Family said...

so cool! I LOVE the pin. I missed you this weekend, we need us some Blimes hang out time! Feeling better?
I 'm terrified to get my teeth pulled.