no one's gonna love you more than i do.

On our very first Valentines Day together, 2002, we were "just friends."  We made taco salad with Fani and you gave us flowers and played guitar for us. Then we snuggled while listening to Fani's roommate practice for her speech class. We were so into each other but I was a big, fat, dummy head. Thank God you were patient with me.

For the next two Valentines Days, 2003/2004, you were away on your mission and I could only daydream of you. We sent letters, packages and goodies but it wasn't the same as having your arms (and lips) home with me.

We were engaged by the next Valentines Day, 2005, or just about to be. You played me a private concert and we practiced cooking homemade goodness. I think I remember some kind of green beans with mushroom soup...? It was magical to spend lovers day with you in my arms instead of just on my mind.

2006, our first Valentines Day as a married couple. I remember this one like yesterday. We had  decided to take turns planning our Valentines activities and I went first. There was a pair of homemade dice. Hee hee. One had parts of the body and the other food/sauce items. Oh my.

The next year it was your turn. 2007.  Four words hunny... Deal or No Deal. Bahahahahahahahahha. I love your face. And the rest of you too. ;0)

Do you remember the letter I wrote you on Valentines Day 2008? I bet you do. Please Lord, don't ever let that be read by ANYONE EVER. For your eyes only love.

In 2009 you planned a Choose your own adventure Valentines Day and it was AWESOME. By then I had started the blog so it is fully documented in all its glory. You are a rockstar.

Valentines Day fell on a Sunday in 2010 so I planned a special home cooked meal. Crab stuffed Manacotti, and we goofed off with Cyberscopes while Miles hung out with his Valentine Anna.

Last year, 2011, I had sweet Oliver in my tummy and was working like crazy on Valentines Day but you managed to make it so special all the same. You planted gifts all around the house and texted me every hour with a new location to find a surprise. Like I said, you're amazing.

I love you so much hunnie. I am so glad to be your Valentine. You make life so easy and sweet. I can't imagine spending this journey with anyone else. You were meant for me.

Happy Valentines Day!


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Domesticated-Bliss said...

So sweet :) You definitely have a gem of a husband!