i {heart} valentines day.

Mr. Blimes has outdone himself once more. How did I ever get so lucky???

This year for Valentines day Hubbs planned a "Choose your own adventure story" for us to play out!!! Sweet, clever and hilarious! I know I won't get all the details right but I hope it'll make some sense to ya. The story was about a boy named Andy, a girl named Jade and their baby Milo. It was all about how much the family loved one another and since it was Valentines Day Andy had a special day planned for them. So the first choice was...

"If you want Jade to begin her day with flowers go to the man room"


"If you want Jade to begin her day with chocolate go to the nursery"

Believe it or not I picked the flowers! Mr. Blimes had even arranged them himself!!! Of course I ended up with the chocolate too... a GIANT REESE'S HEART!!! oh. so. yummy.

Anyway, there was a note with the flowers that told more of the story about how lovely Andy thought Jade was and how some mornings he would just lie beside her and watch her sleep because she was just so beautiful; and how Andy wanted Jade to feel as beautiful as she was in his eyes. At the bottom of this note was another choice...

"If you want Jade to buy a new outfit, load up the family in the car and head to your favorite store."


"If you want Jade to get some new exercise shoes, load up the family in the car and head to the shoe store."

(I've been whining about having no cute clothes and needing new workout kicks for MONTHS!)

I picked the clothes!!! So, off to Forever 21 we went... then to Charlotte... then to Target... (i couldn't find anything) so we decided to have a rain check on the outfit and open the next note...!

In this note there was no choice, I was just directed to the shoe store! YAY!!! I'd get my new kicks too!!! (waaaayyyy spoiled this Valentines Day!)

The next note was an envelope filled with CASH!!! WHAT!?!?!?!? Hubbs had planned to include a new hair do for Jade in the story as well but he knew that the new hair place I wanted to go to wasn't open until this week so he just handed over the cash-ola!!! YES!!!! Soon I will be blonde again girls!!! (something I've also been whining about for MONTHS!!!)

Next in the story Andy wants to take Jade out on the town to show off his most fancy and gorgeous wifey so...

"Do you want Jade and Andy to take a stroll in the park?"


"Do you want Jade and Andy to have a nice romantic dinner?"

It was raining and I was ravenous so I picked dinner!!! And we CHOWED DOWN on the most delish Macaroni Grill meal. Can't wait till my b-day so's we can go back!!!

In the next note Andy decides it's time for some snuggly alone time with his ultra hot wifey so...

"Do you want Jade and Andy to read some scriptures?"


"Do you want Andy and Jade to watch a romantic movie?"

We finished our night with a fabulous back massage (for me of course), a chic flick, and chocolate chip cookies!!!

Yes it was a night to remember!!! Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying it all to snap ANY pics! (sad i know) but here are a few from our sweet baby's first Valentines... he made love notes to send to his Grandmas!!! Baby Boy does not like paint on his feet!!!

And here is Miles' Valentine to me!!! Can you see the heart shape???

Happy Heart Day!!!



freya said...

so cute! what a creative hubby! and i like how you still got both choices everytime ha

The Miller Family said...

How sweet! Glad you had such a fun Valentine's Day!

P.S. That really did look like a heart little Miles gave you there!

MA said...

i used to love reading "choose your own adventure books!" drew really out did himself didn't he! glad you had such a great time. yeah for love!

Olivia said...

Sweet! You guy are great! I agree, you really racked it up this year, huh? :)

Tracy B. said...

Awww! Drew is cute. Love the heart-shaped vomit! That's talent.