my sonny valentine.

At 8am yesterday I got a text from Drew telling me to look behind the love seat... Curious yes?

I found a giant Valentines Day card there and an explanation of my Valentines day surprise. :0) He would text me a different location in the house to look at the top of  every hour and there would be a special little gift waitng there for me! It was AWESOME! I found myself giddy as the minutes past, waiting and wondering where I'd look next and what I'd find. My husband is the king of romance I swear. He puts me to shame! I love it. I love how he actually sits and takes the time to think up something creative and unique that he knows I'll love. It makes me feel really really special. 

When he got home from work I had him come around the house and take my picture in the spot where I found each gift so I could properly document his awesomeness and one of my favorite Valentines Days ever.

8am: "Look behind the love seat."
The comically giant card and explanation of the days festivities!

9am:  "Look in the front of the garage."
A dozen perfectly pink roses! 

10am: "Look in the top of the man room closet on the main shelf underneath Sorry. For when you're bored and there's nothing on the dvr."
 Saeson 4 of Desperate Housewives! I love those crazy ladies. Holla!

11am: "Look in Miles' closet on his box of swim diapers."
Reese's jackpot! Yes!

12pm: "Look behind the bottom right picture by the front door."
 An invitation to Harry's for dinner. Our FAVORITE!!!

1pm: "Look on my nightstand between Women of the Old Testament and Preach My Gospel."
 Oh Paula Deen. How scrumptious your recipes are!!! In case yall didn't know I LOVE magazines. Like seriously.

2pm: "Look in the fridge on the second shelf down behind the Parmesan cheese and salsa." 
Sweet dark nectar of goodness, how I love thee.

3pm: "Look under my underwear in the second drawer from the top in the Tupperware thing in my closet."

A gorgeous bracelet I've been eyeing on Etsy! It's on it's way!!!

 4pm: "Last one...Look in the linen closet on the shelf with the towels on the top of the far right stack."
Big comfy pants! Yes! In case yall didn't know, I LOVE big comfy pants!!!

And then he came home and we spent the rest of the evening in each others arms. We didn't actually make it to Harry's for dinner because there was an hour and 45min wait, so we decided to rain check it and went to Sonny's instead. LOL But it was an amazing Valentines Day all the same. I feel so so lucky to be married to such a caring, thoughtful man.

I love you hunnie!

*** I also wanted to thank you all for sweet and funny comments on our Valentines Day song yesterday. We're so so glad you liked it! I can't wait to share more of our passion for music with you!"*** 


Domesticated-Bliss said...

This makes me love Drew even more for being just the man you need :) How precious was this idea?? He needs to give Tim some lessons!!

jasmine said...

oh my gosh! what an incredible husband you have! he really IS romantic! i love that so many of his gifts were simple things that were really thoughtful. those are the best. happy belated valentine's day to you and your family!

The Miller Family said...

Drew = awesome! AND, he's so lucky to have you to spoil! You guys together = perfect!

freya said...

how. stinkin. cute.

you are one lucky gal! (and he's lucky too :)

Lindy said...

This is the greatest.
Am I jealous of your new pair of stretchy pants? Maybe.

Mandy said...

Hooray for romantic and thoughtful hubbies!!