mail call...

(My baby boy and his "circle bike." He's in love. And he is getting pretty good at pedaling while steering!)

Dear Swollen Body Parts of Mine,
     Seriously? This is getting...awkward. I should reeeeeally try to stay off my feet more apparently.

Dear Husband,
     Your job taking you away over night is not cool. Although it is hot that you're speaking at a conference. You're such a grown up! But c'mon home now, my swollen body parts need to be able to sit down in the evenings!

Dear New Followers,
     Welcome! I love you for taking the time to click that little button!

Dear My Sweetest Two Year Old Miles,
     It is very very  very cute how you always insist that your little friends' parents say "I love you," when they leave their kiddos here in the morning. You are precious baby boy.

Dear Fani,
     Your text this morning made me laugh and laugh. I would share it here but it'd probably embarrass you to death.

Dear Self,
     Did you know that in less than 2 months you'll have a tiny newborn in your arms? Wonderful, weird and wild. Back to blogging with a boob in someones mouth I suppose. It worked with Miles!

Dear Friday,
     What's the deal? You don't want to see me this week? Stop dragging your feet!

Dear Maranda, 
     I want to go to dinner with you. Because you're awesome and we should hang out more. When there are less crazy kiddos running rampant. :0) Remember that time we stayed up late making flowers together? That was way fun and it was almost a YEAR ago. That's just too long! Don't you think?

Dear Ball Boppers,
     You guys can do it! Only a few weeks left. We need the big "W" people! I just hope I'm there to see it!

Dear Brad,
     I have decided that Chantal (no idea how to spell her name but...the one that embalms people) is your soul mate. You can just forget the rest of em now.

Dear Sleep,
     You can't get here fast enough tonight.



Melanie McFadden @ The McMommy Diaries said...

Hi Marquesas. Steph just told me about your blog. I love all the pics Lindsay Lou took! So pretty. See you around in the blog world. :)

Meagan said...

I think her name is spelled the other way, Shawntel. I'm not a huge fan of that name anyways...I didn't know there were MULTIPLE ways to spell it. Blah.

Um, I TOTALLY blogged while nursing too. I mean, you HAVE to because sometimes those little babies think it's okay to nurse for an hour on and off.

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see your new baby in a couple months! Newborns are just so...sweet and perfect!!!

Barbie and Craig said...

Is it sad that I get sad when there isn't a 'Dear Barbs' in there? I know. I just love you so much.

Newborns..........CRAZY. SO excited. So nervous. What will it be like?! Won't it be nuts that we'll look back to this in only 6ish weeks and already be done with the waiting? It's insanity. I took a belly pic today. Like a real one. Perhaps I shall post it.

I think we might should betroth our children. Whaddya think?


Leah said...

Haha! The embalmer's name is Shawntel, but there is a Chantal still in the running. Unfortunately, I frequent The Bachelor facebook page, & some viewers share spoilers on there :(.. soooo.. I think I know who wins.. but I won't spoil it for you. ; )

Lindy said...

I love that picture of you two cheesin' up there. CUTE.

Kristin said...

I missed mail call yesterday! Oh well, better late than never.- You know "mail call at M's" is my favorite blog reading ever! Happy Thursday M...