more about pregnant me.

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Things that are super awesome about being pregnant:

*I may be the only person in the world that feels this way but I LOVE when random people touch my belly. The fact that they are at ease with me in such a physical way makes me feel like we really are all in this thing together. Like we're all connected in some kind of intamate way, even the people we've never met before.

* Wearing maternity clothes that actually look cute, and utilizing the bump as a trendy accessory...You know, like the celebs do...? No?

* Knowing that there is an ACTUAL person living inside of me. I didn't really "get it" during my pregnancy with Miles but I do this time around and it is truly magical.

* Knowing the little guys name, and loving it.

* Having people say "33 weeks! You're so tiny!" And feeling like they really mean it.

*Eating. Without the calorie calculating that so often attends my non-pregnant meals. Not looking forward to that again...Flat stomach, yes please! Daily calorie count-a-thon, no thank you.

*Anticipation of a very special labor and delivery surrounded by the ones I hold closest to my heart. (If they're not too grossed out to stay ;0))

Things that are not so super awesome about being pregnant:

* Gaining 25lbs... Heading towards 30 by the end I'm sure.

* Varicose veins. Yeah, I said it.

* Nose bleeds and constant shortness of breath

* Pain involved in labor and delivery

* Having super thin and trendy friends. (This is of course normally on the pro's list but some days can't yall just look like a cow with me!?!)

* Wondering if Hubby is really still interested in adult fun...

* Back aches

It's hard to believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. In no time I'll be a mother of two. TWO! That's a crazy thought. How in the world is there enough of my heart left to add another amazing boy into my life? I might just explode.



Meagan said...

33 WEEKS?? YOU DOOOO look amazing!!! Believe it when you hear it. Do you want ME to send you a pic of ME at 33 weeks??? I was SCARY huge. Like, are there 5 babies in there???

The weight is just a number, you have a HUMAN inside you, growing. Weight is good! That means the babe is growing!!!

I totally remember having shortness of breath and almost having anxiety attacks because of it. Scary. stay calm

Melanie McFadden @ The McMommy Diaries said...

Gosh, she is amazing! You are so lucky!! That pic is gorgeous. I liked her FB page :)

Ashley said...

You look sooooo great! Beautiful Picture!

Sharstin said...

you are glowing! and look amazing girly~ pregnancy is such a awesome experience--good and bad:) have a great weekend!