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The latest get outta nap time free card. "Mom, I gotta go find Mary Jane for Spider Man first and then I can lay down."

Oh my I love him. 

But I HATE nap time.

I will never understand why the kids I babysit lay down without so much as a peep but my own children fight me tooth and nail. Hmmph.

I know I ask this ALL the time but, how do you moms of multiple kids do it? And why do you never answer me when I ask? Do I need to be more specific in my questioning? Or do you just plain not have time to respond because you have multiple kiddos? I truly feel your pain there but I need advice!

I don't think I have ever been quite this far behind in my life. I am doing mediocre at best in every aspect of my wifery/motherhood/studying/etc.... Do you realize that hubby and I didn't even "celebrate" on Valentines Day? What the what!?! I am slackin' for sure but at the same time I feel like I am running ragged just to keep my head above water.

And now I'm complaining on my blog. Oh me oh my quesas.

Whining aside, I got a B- on my first statistics exam, which I am totally happy about. 
My MIL, FIL and SIL and her sweet baby girl are visiting this weekend, yessssssssss!!!!
The Rascall Flatts concert was ahhhhmazing. Felt like church and a party mixed together for one awesome night of, well, awesomeness.
My dad just finished building a picnic style bench for my eclectic dining set. Yay! Can't wait to get that project up and running.

But seriously people, I need suggestions on how to get it all done over here. I love yall so much but can you please stop making it look so easy! Seriously bloggers! ;0)

Also, Bachelor... What can I say Ben? I kinda knew you would disappoint. We'll see what happens but my faith in you is thread bare at best.

Peace Love and Survivor,



Jenn said...

My comment is hold off on school...I know you can do it, meaning all that you are trying to do right now...but, there will be more time later. And, I think we all have more leniency for our own children, and they know it. You are doing a great job in all aspects! I would just again say cut out the things you feel can wait...and try not to feel bad about it;) Love you. (P.S.-We didn't celebrate V-day this year either! It's a made up holiday anyway, haha!)

Kim said...

Marquesas, let's go over everything you do (that I know of):

1. you are a mom of two active babies
2. you are a wife
3. you have a church calling
4. you run a daycare
5. you are in school!

And I'm sure there's more! I could not do all of that. I think it's absolutely amazing you are even able to keep you head above water at all! Don't get down on yourself-- remember, a blog doesn't necessarily give an accurate illustration of what a person's life is truly like! I think you are doing great!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I don't have any kids but I can tell you that you're doing a fabulous job my friend! Don't let comparison-itis make you feel like you're not :)

I love you!

Michelle said...

Here is the secret to getting it all done......... YOU CAN'T!

No one can. You have to figure out what your number one priorities are and cut the rest. I used to try and do projects, etc. But now I know if I want to keep my sanity, I just have to focus on the basics.

Lee and I were talking the other day about how you were able to go to school when we never would have been able to do that when we were at your stage and she said, "Well, Marquesas has a helpful husband..."

So realize how lucky you are, but know your limits. Cut out all the nonessentials then you should be able to keep your head barely above water most of the time, but at least you won't be totally drowning :)

The Hargretts said...

As much as I would love to give you advice, you probably don't want any from me because all I know about is being a wife with no kids and going to school... yeah not much of a resume.

HOWEVER, I can give encouragement. Seriously, you're pretty much amazing and I can't believe how much you do and still have one, the cutest kids ever, two, a supportive loving husband, and third, a B- on your first stats test, YOU GO GIRL!

If you ever need anything please, let me know. You can count on me... plus my schedule is open usually. At least it is at this moment in time =)