No. I didn't stand up in front of the congregation and share my testimony this morning. I didn't take the chance to tell my fellow saints how very dear they are to me and how sometimes just seeing their faces makes my whole week better. I didn't say how completely true I know the gospel to be and how every single day I am thankful for the effects it has on my life.

No. I didn't say anything. But I did show up. And I will keep showing up.

I will wrangle two VERY active boys into constricting suits every Sunday, brush their teeth and hair (which let's face it, doesn't happen nearly often enough because of the epic battle that ensues. Yes, we are a little gross...), pack toys that won't be touched because the podium in front of the chapel is of far superior intrigue,  stash snacks that will mostly be ignored except when they are being ground into the carpet/pew/my hair and clothes, deal with leaving all of my classes at least once (on a good day) to feed/change/comfort/distract/put someone in time out, spend the majority of my time exchanging glances with husband secretly agreeing to tie my fallopian tubes in double knots the second we get home, drag a screeching three year old out of the chapel over and over and over trying to teach him the proper reverence for our meetings... and then, once it's all over, I will herd the troublesome twosome to the car where the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth will consume the entirety of our drive home.

And after all that, I'll be back next Sunday, begging for more.

Because the church is true.

And sometimes just showing up is the most powerful way to show you know it.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know us, they love us and Christ did come to earth to teach us how to return home again someday. He suffered for our sins and our pains so that He can help us when no one else can. President Thomas S. Monson is a true and living prophet of God on the earth today and his words will keep us out of trouble in this uncertain and ever changing world. Joseph Smith did find and translate the Book of Mormon for our day. It is a true record that can bless us beyond our wildest dreams if we follow its teachings. I am thankful today and everyday that I have this beautiful gospel in my life. I hope to teach my children its beauty and see them grow in faith and the light of the truth.

And that is my testimony for today.



Rydog said...

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! and your pearls are so lovely :-)

I keep wanting to tell you this in person but we rarely run into each other! Miles is really starting to blossom in Primary. I don't see him in Sunbeams too often, but when we are doing singing time and sharing time in Primary he is really started to come out of his shell. And help. And sing! It is so adorable.

And I agree with you girl. Some Sundays I want to quit and say like Sis. Schrader said, why do I come!?? but we have to look extra hard for something each Sunday to feel the spirit and feel enriched, THAT is the reason why we come. The fact that I can tune in for 3 seconds in midst of the chaos and be touched by something someone said is pretty remarkable! And today, somehow, Brinley has grown really fond of Freya and Kendal and sat with them the entire Sacrament meeting which NEVER happens. You would think I listened the whole time? NO because I was so distracted on what she was doing, if she was bothering them, if she needed a snack, why she didn't need me anymore, and why I was so dang tired. LOL.

You guys are great and I am SO happy that lasagna went to my favorite Blimes famly :-)

Tori Stuckey said...

What a powerful and wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing and I feel your pain (teeth and hair aren't brushed nearly enough over here, either) about dragging two little wigglies to church.

Marquette said...

Thanks for that, I experience this also and I only have one :) But we just have to laugh and say this too shall pass!! I am going to have to share your blog with a fellow friend whom I think could relate after today and just smile :)

The Hargretts said...

Thank you so much for sharing. While reading it I felt the spirit testify to myself again for the truths of this gospel.

You are a wonderful mother and I really hope you see and understand that. Your patience is truly a gift and I know the Lord knows your intentions but he is also always there to help you. =)

If you ever need extra hands, you've got me!

Mandy said...

Loved it. I'm so glad y'all sat next to me this morning in Sunday School. I wiped snot/drool off the lil guy... He looked at me funny, so I told him "Sorry! It's gross!" And he smiled at me. I think Drew did, too. XOXO

Jennifer said...

best. post. ever. :)

The Miller Family said...

Amen, and amen!

White Folk said...

I agree totally with the Millers' post...Amen to that Sista Blimes! :)

Michelle said...

Rand and I were sitting behind a young couple with a 3 year old boy and a baby boy last Sunday and I thought of you guys. Rand and I thought they were so cute and funny, but I am sure their mama was exhausted by the end of Sacrament meeting :)