day 4... our shameful night.

Unfortunately all too often lately our nights end up looking something like this. By dinner time my energy is SPENT and we resort to duh duh dummmm.... FAST FOOD!!! I have no idea how I only gained 1 lb in the last two weeks. Call it a pregnancy miracle. I have vowed to do better. Really. But sometimes the Big Mac just sings to me.

(Note: This is what I look like on a daily basis now. And yes, I am wearing that shirt...again.  Feel sorry for my poor husband won't you?) 

Also, this was Miles' first ever cheeseburger...

Pretty much a win.

Hope your Wednesday makes you smile.


Domesticated-Bliss said...

OK. HILARIOUS! That pic of Miles holding the cheeseburger like it's the holy grail definitely needs to be submitted to some kind of cute kids website :)

Seriously laughing out loud!

Oh and kudos for making it to two years old without him eating a cheeseburger!

Wonsch Family said...

that pic of Miles is sooo funny!

BlackBelle said...

Mrs. B!
love your post! i could totally eat a big mac everyday, so no worries. Miles is super cute and i hope he enjoyed every bite of cheeseburger. you should tell him to enjoy it now before his brother comes along and he may have to share it! LOL. just kidding, i am sure he is going to be great and even wanting to share with his brother. you are so blessed! enjoy the rest of your week! my blog is: sharebecauseyoucare@blogspot.com.

L said...

Lol! I still remember right after you had Miles, and I asked you what I could get you... You totally were craving big macs that day!

Kristin said...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And sometimes that's fast food.