day 5. a favorite memory.

(December 26, 2008) 

 While I don't remember very much from the actual labor and delivery of Miles I do remember the night before very well. I remember Drew giving me a blessing. He blessed me to have a safe, and swift delivery. Both granted. He blessed me to have an abundance of love for the child which we would soon meet.

(Pretty sure we're discussing my many chins here.)

I remember him lying in the hospital bed with me all night long. Cuddling, massaging, comforting. I remember him making me and everyone else in the room laugh all through the induction process. He has truly perfected the art of calming me with his sense of humor. I remember being so so so glad I chose him. And he chose me. And that we were blessed to create life together.

So for my favorite memory I choose the night before Miles was born. It was sacred and special and brought me closer to the one person I didn't believe it possible to become any closer to. And it ended with Miles! What better memory to share?

(The day our lives changed forever for the better.) 



freya said...

i love this marquesas.

such a sweet story.

this might sound silly, but it's amazing to me how even as a little newby, you can tell that that's miles!

Ashley said...

Oh my. So much sweetness in one post.

What a beautiful family you have! I am a new follower and can't wait to read more!! :)

Meg said...

Love it!

I love hearing birth stories and seeing those first pics as a family :-)

32 weeks???? YOU look amazing!!!!