then and now.

Here's a shot of me 32 weeks pregnant with Miles and my 32 week belly pic of baby brother.

What do you think, pretty similar? I think my belly looks bigger this time but my face looks puffier with Miles... Although that could just be the short hair... Is it sad that I still have that shirt? I still have the pants too but they are now cut off shorts for beaching it up and I figured I'd save you the horror of my pale thighs. For now.

And now on to day 3!
 A picture of the cast of your favorite show...
Brace yourself cuz I have several...

It took me a while but now I LOVE The Office. Dwight can pretty much always make me laugh. And Andy is just too much sometimes. Really, all the characters are just perfection and I am so so pleased with the current season.

Guilty pleasure shows are always a must. Maybe it's cause I'm so dang nosey but I just really enjoy seeing these gals in action! 

Let's just face facts here. Barney is AWESOME. (Corrupt and wrong on basically every level but he makes me laugh like crazy.) And Marshall and Lily are unbelievably cute together. Robin I could probably live without (except for when she goes to the mall). And Ted...eh, he's ok too.

You just got slapped!

Silly and juvenile it may be but it is entertaining as well!

Somehow after like 18 seasons I am JUST now catching Survivor fever! But I really enjoy the drama!

Really I have lots more shows I enjoy but I don't wanna keep googling up tv show logos so I'm gonna call it good. All I gotta say is thank heavens for DVR!

Coming this week... The reveal of my recent shoot with Lindsey Lou Photography! WARNING: You're prolly gonna wanna get preggers just so she can take your pictures!



Gabe and Christina said...

Thanks for the warning ;)

Leah said...

I think your belly is poking out further this time, but the rest of you looks about the same, which is pretty good for the 2nd pregnancy! I do love your long hair this time, though.
You always seem to be going to photo shoots, miss model! : )

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I think you look equally adorable in both pics - and eerily identical!

Lindy said...

Looks like you're right on track :)

It is not sad that you still have that shirt, as long it's not sad that I can't through away shoes from 6 years ago. Agreed?

Also: SLAPSGIVING! haha--awesome action shot.

The Hargretts said...

Love the picture very awesome! Oh and Chris and I love Make it or Break it. At first we watched the first episode to see how dumb it was going to be and then we got Hooked!

Olivia said...

love love love the pregnant belly pics! You are amazingly beautiful!