since v-day is coming and all...

In honor of Valentines Day, things may just get a tad more mushy around here. I know right!?! How is that even possible? Oh you just watch me. I am a COMPLETE sap. I totally blame my mama for this one! We watched waaaaay too many rom-coms growing up! 

What can I say, I love love. 

I love the beginning parts when you're first discovering the little things in your special someone that make them absolutely perfect for you.

Talking on the phone all night long. Running up a $900 bill. Yeah, that happened.

Lying together, innocently tracing words you're not quite brave enough to say out loud onto each others backs with your fingertips.

Holding hands.

Spooning late into the night at his parents house and maybe once accidentally falling asleep only to be woken up the next morning by his mom! Yep, that happened too. (She was so sweet about it though. Love you Mom!)

Driving your room mates crazy playing the CD he made you over and over and over so you can fall asleep to the sound of his voice. (Love you too S!)

Borrowing money, cars and  cell phones from your loved ones to make one more trip down to Tampa to see him again.

First kisses so perfect you're certain nothing in all the world could ever compare to them.

Yes, I love love. Don't you?


(an oldie but a goodie. circa 2007)


Meg said...

gorgeous couple!!!

Hello white teeth!!!! Go girl.

Kristin said...

Oh M! I've missed you. Been so busy working on my new youngling blog that I've had no time to go visit my sweet friends. Sad. Yes. I love love. And I love that you love it too.- I want to come visit more often - if I'm gone for a long time again, you just come on over to Living Graciously and give me a what-for. Deal? I'm celebrating V-day over at my place too. Might just find some new lovey-dovey ideas! :-) Happy Weekend!

Lindy said...

$900.00 bill???? GEESH.

I'm glad you got all that worked out in the end.