every word you say i think i should write down.

Because I was reminded in a startlingly real way last night just how very much we belong together.
You don't realize the things you teach me without even trying.
To you it was only an F chord but to me it was triumph.
Conquering one more thing I never believed myself capable of.
And I wouldn't have done it without you.
Not because I couldn't have.
Because I wouldn't have.
I love you for pushing me towards success.
Towards happiness.
Even when my heels are dug so deeply in the ground it seems I'll never budge.
You are the only one that could ever be my only one.
I love you.



drew said...

I love you too bagel. Your F was pretty impressive for a first try. I guess the trick is to not tell you what you're doing until after you do it.

BlackBelle said...

Aww! thanks for the comment on my blogs, one of the few that I do get. You and Drew are so sweet. I hope to find and keep a love as prue and true as you and Drew's. Many blessings to the both of you and I am glad I could help make your day! If you liked the puppy, check back daily as a new one is up on my blog everyday along with cutest animals too. Thanks for reading Mrs. B!

The Hargretts said...

Seriously one of the most romantic pictures!! Love it and the clothing adds to it perfectly.