mail call...

Dear Husband,
     I'm going to miss you this weekend while I'm in JAX literally partying my pants off. Be sure to eat healthy while I'm gone.

Dear Wild Bachelorette Party Weekend,
     Be kind to me. Let me rest and hydrate when needed. But also let me take my hair down and boogie down for a while! I need to move and shake and get a little CRAZY!!!

Dear Sad, Petty and Pathetic Woman...no girl, you're still just a girl,
     I feel sorry for you. I really do. You are a small and twisted person. I hope one day you can grow up and be as cool as me.

Dear Miles,
     When I sneezed and you said "Bess you," yesterday I nearly melted to death right there. I love you.

Dear Baby Bump,
     Back off! I am ONLY 15 weeks in! It is NOT time to be popping out yet!!! (But I wouldn't mind feeling a few kicks from the tiny one living inside you!)

     Have you booked your spot in the Lindsey Lou Christmas Photo Party yet??? It is GREAT deal and you will not be sorry.

Dear Barbie,
     Have you finished The Hunger Games series yet? Do it and then call me so we can talk about it. I need you to LOVE IT!!! Also... Do you still go by Barbie or am I just your most behind and annoying friend???

Dear Marquesas,
     Stop being such a wimpy kiddy baby whiner and go exercise.

Dear Florida State University MBA program,
     I knew you were smart enough to recognize genius when you saw it. My hubby is gonna rock your world. (And then can you please help him get a good job after...please???)

Dear Shelley and Lindsey and Jenn Beast,
     We are so close but so far away. When will my soul sisters come over to play???

Dear Olivia,
    Pop me out a cute baby girl this weekend please and don't skimp on the pics! In fact, just go here and book today.

Dear Reader,
     Thanks for caring, well at least reading my ramblings. You make me feel so loved.



Jenn said...

I will come play soon...*sigh* Life throws curve balls sometimes...I will tell you all about it and maybe it will be funny by then!
Can't believe you are almost 4 months prego already! (although I'm sure you can since you are living it) So excited!!
See you soon, fo real, homegirl. You can run and tell dat.

Kristin said...

Did I hear "mail call" at Ms? You know I'm all there :-) Hope you're having a wonderful start to your weekend so far. Sounds like a blast and a half! Can't wait to hear about it you wild girl :-)

Barbie and Craig said...

I apologize in advance for the lack of luster in this comment. I am usually wittier, but I'm tired. So there.

I am still trying to talk myself into book 2. I know. I'm insane. I am such an addictive reader. I have to get in the mood to leave my baby in the same diaper all day until I finish. Or I need another vacation. Tell me it's worth it, M, and I will believe you and read it.

Is Olivia pregnant??? Did I miss something?

I tote still go by Barbie, or Barb to my goodest of friends, so you can go there for sure. B is good too. My husband likes that because it reminds him of Blaire on Gossip Girl, and when I call him C he thinks he's Chuck, who is his idol. If he knew I wrote that he'd probably not be okay.

Off to sleep :) Love you, beast.

p.s. mail call is my fav, especially when I get a note :) maybe I should mail call on my blog??? or maybe just write something every now and again??? hmmm.....