because it needs to be said.

I love The Hunger Games. I am totally on board, sucked in and head over heels. Especially for Peeta. I may just be in love with him. It's probably because he reminds me of Drew. Strong, romantic, unwavering in his devotion for me... ahem... I mean Katniss.

These books are probably the best fiction I've ever read. And if you haven't, you should just go ahead and try them on for size.

I need more. But the story is over. I was so so ready to just be done with the third book but almost as soon as I closed it i wanted to begin it all again.


Oh, and this is Petta and Katniss's love song. Says me.



Kristin said...

I am SOOOOO intrigued about these books. Everyone in blogland is fawning over them! I must admit I'm still a hunger games virgin. Can you give me some scoop on the story line? Is it totally a girl story or is it something that I could read together w/ the DH (we like to read out loud together)? Hope you're having a fabulous day my fabulous friend :-)

Gabe and Christina said...

Thanks for your comment! I am so with you about Peeta! I love him too! I was kind of relieved once I was done reading the series. I guess for their sake. Does that make sense? Love all your new pics too. So cute!

Wonsch Family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books. Thanks M for getting me started :) Oh and Kristin, I totally think its a book you can read with your DH. My hubby read them, my lil bro and my dad. GREAT story, but very stressful.