This Monday we attempted Family Home Evening. I planned to give a short, sweet lesson on the Savior. Just the basics you know... Who he is, how much He loves us, and a quick story about Him. I began by taking our picture of Christ (my favorite picture of Christ) down off the wall for a visual aid. It's the picture of the Savior holding the lost lamb. Oh how I love that picture.

Miles was so excited about Jesus being down off the wall that he insisted I lay him down on the floor. Then, of course he  danced and walked and jumped on Jesus. Scary moment. Jesus came out of it unharmed thankfully and the remainder of the lesson was spent trying to speak louder than a cute although frustrated little boy who didn't understand why I could hold Jesus but he couldn't.

At least he was interested in the Big Guy right? I say it was a great success. And our family game of Duck Duck goose was pretty much the highlight of Miles' life so we were happy in the end.

I am excited to spend many Family Home Evenings in the years to come with the ones I love most in the world.

(You seriously still haven't been photographed by her? Shame, shame. Lucky for you the Christmas photo party is coming soon!!! I'll keep you posted!)

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