self timer.

So, me and Miles were playing around with the self-timer setting on the camera the other day and now anytime I go to take his picture he points to the mantle and says "Table! Table!" He won't let me take a picture of him unless we use the self-timer! So funny! He loves to see the flashing green light and hear the beeping! My baby.

I thought this little tidbit would go perfectly with today's confession...


I'm sure some people think I'm vain for feeling this way but those of you who know me understand that, sadly, the opposite couldn't be more true. But I don't know why I just love being in front of the camera! My inner DIVA  comes out!

It's so very nice to have friends that are brilliant photographers!
 Pop by here and enter the giveaway for a free photo session with Mrs. Lindsey Lou herself! You know I did!!!

Annnnnnddd... It's not too late to join this confession party!!! Just click below!!!

Windy Poplars




The Miller Family said...

Woot! Thanks for the shout out! You know the camera loves you more than you love it!!!

Kristin said...

Hi M! You ARE so very photogenic!I'm quite jealous actually. :-) My photos are more often than not tainted with half closed eyes, my mouth open, looking the other direction faces! Good gracious...the camera is NOT my friend! Funny thing is: whenever a photo is taken of me that I actually think is pretty decent, my family will say, "I don't think it looks a thing like you"! Yeah. Nice. - Sounds like you're training Miles to love the lens at an early age :-)

Bree said...

Unless I'm taking pictures of myself when I'm bored or something, or because I need to, I'm quite awkward in front of the camera. I constantly blurt out things like, "Well what do you want me to do!?" yaa

Anonymous said...

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