everyone has a secret.

Sometimes I wish our life was very different.

Sometimes I wish things would never change.

Sometimes I wish to go back in time and do things differently.

Sometimes I wish I could jump ahead and just peek at the future.

Sometimes I wish I could be more daring. Less inhibited in certain ways.

Sometimes I wish I could keep my mouth shut.

Sometimes I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything better for everyone. No, I always wish that.

Love to you! I hope you enjoyed my confessions this week! Share yours if you dare.
Windy Poplars



Queen Dietz said...

if you have anymore wishes left, you should wish for pain free labor for all woman kind!lol

Kristin said...

This was a very sweet post M! I love the way you put things. - Thanks for confessing w/ me this week! I sure enjoyed it :-) Happy weekend to you...may it be as wonderful as last weekend was!