hiding from paint fumes.

As I type, my sweet husband is re-painting our living room. (A project I have been claiming I would do for months.) Our parents are coming for a visit soon and while I know they pass no judgement on the state of our walls (right guys?) I still want things looking nice here.  And now, the fumes are bothering me so husband has taken the wheel. Thank you. You are my knight always.

What would I do without you?
Who would take me to the hardware store?
Who would take care of the yard?
Who would help to settle my brain when it's time to go to sleep every night?
Who would think of my happiness everyday?
Who would be so willing to offer up hair to play with or a back to massage?
Who would make me laugh constantly?
Who would eat my "healthy" cooking with a smile on their face?
Who would share the joy of raising sweet sweet Misel- moo?
Who would get the dry wall anchors out of the walls?
Who would I watch ridiculous tv with?
Who would help me wrestle a toddler in church every Sunday?
Who would understand everything about me?
Who would hold my hand when I'm on top of a mountain?
Who would have my back when I'm flat on my face in the deepest, darkest valley?
Who would make me better?
Who could be better than you, for me?

No one. That's who. Nobody does it better.

I love you!



Mariel Torres said...

this is all too sweet! :)

Kristin said...

{{warm fuzzies}}

Kristin said...

Wait - 2 words don't count as a comment! I can't wait to see your re-painted living room (and I LOVE the new sign)! We're doing some re-decorating around here too. Our guest bath is almost done, and I'm going out to get paint for our guest room today. Know what you mean about the fumes. I was laying the floor down in the bath with the door closed - BAD idea! Woosey for the rest of the night. Yuk! Thank God for hubbies!