for wednesday.

A little confession really quick on this early early Thursday morning. (So, early in fact that I'm gonna call it wednesday.)


I REALLY REALLY wanted a nose ring for a while when Drew and I were in the band. LOL Thank you to my sweet sweet MIL for talking me out of it!

(Ah, these pictures bring a smile to my face! See my handsome hubby drumming his heart out? Hot. That was the best part of being in the band.)

Join the fun! Only a couple days left to spill your guts!!!

Windy Poplars

Hoping you still love me after this weeks over!



Kristin said...

I really love nose rings actually! My sister has one. It's actually a nose stud though. A little less bull-like :-)! If I were brave (and didn't have the jobs I do) I'd do it.- But alas... Hey, do they still have those "sticky" earrings? I know they were popular when I was a pre-teen. That could be fun!

Queen Dietz said...

i love my nose ring but would NEVER do it again, it hurt so stinkin bad! watched my sis n law almost pass out with hers.