Dear Drew,

How did you lose 6 lbs in 2 days? HOW? It is not fair.

Just thought you should know.


Oh and BTW I am butt crazy in love with you.

That is all

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Rachel said...

haha men!

Olivia Ghafoerkhan said...

I am becoming acquainted with your blog...why did I ever stop visiting? Oh yeah, life got crazy busy on me...

Kristin said...

MEN! Totally not fair. So, tonight's stay up all night - night, eh? Got some fun stuff planned?! Hope you have a ball! I'm kinda chuckling b/c last night I had the exact opposite w/ DH - he took some Benedryl b/c he got a bee sting that was swelling and he was out cold from 9pm-9am. It was a lonely night :-( Have a fabulous weekend my dear!