miles on the hour (the sequel)

Yesterday I snapped a picture of Miles at the top of every hour to document a day in his life. Go here to see how it went the last time I did this!

7 am

Rise and Shine Mommy!


Enjoying a delicious breakfast!

9 am

Greeting a favorite friend


Brushing his teeth?


Desert after lunch... Fruit Snacks!!!


(not pictured because he was snoozing and I did not DARE go in there!)


Refreshed after a nice nap (but insistent upon bringing his sleepy time pals out to play!)


Getting silly with a buddy


Relaxing with a good book


Still mad that I won't let him play in the garage.


Creating a masterpiece... (on his arm!)


Getting creative with blocks


Freshly bathed and riding a zebra backwards with a drumstick in his mouth.


A little rocking time with a mama who is greedy for baby snuggles!

About 10 minutes later...

Out like a light! Good night Baby!!!

It's really ridiculous how much I enjoy being this little boys mama. Thank you Miles for the constant entertainment!!!


Kristin said...

Too absolutely adorable M! He's such a sweetie. I especially like the "freshly bathed, riding a zebra backwards w/ a drumstick in his mouth". But of course! I do that at least once a day too lol :-)

Rachel said...

This is so cute, some of the pics cracked me up. He looks like a lot of fun!

Wonsch Family said...

what a fun day Miles had! He is such a cutie. I love the Raelee sightings also :)

Lindsey said...

what a cute post with pics of each hour!! love it!

Anna Baur said...

this is such a great idea!! :) he seems like a very busy little guy! :)

Jamie Lee said...

He is adorable! I love his dimples. Cute blog!

Jamie Lee said...
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Domesticated-Bliss said...

I love this :) You have an incredibly adorable little boy - how lucky are you!?!