when i'm awake in your arms at 3am everything comes out.

(exhausted but happy)

Flash back to summer 2002. Drew and I were "just friends." But every night, without fail, Drew and I would talk. Always on the phone and always all night long. We told each other our stories, drew would play guitar and sing to me, we laughed about things that happened during the day. Night was always my favorite part of the day.

During those long conversations we had something we called "honest time" which basically meant anytime after 10:30pm all bets were off. We had to tell each other the whole truth about whatever was on our minds. at the time. Needless to say, we got to know each other pretty well. And of course, eventually fell in love.

So, when I was creating my Live List I knew Stay up all night talking and laughing with your lover had to be included. Because you truly haven't lived unless you've done this. And we were very excited to do it again. And we did have "honest time" again. Although this time "honest time" didn't begin till around 2am.

It was a wonderful, hilarious night and believe it or not, we learned some new things about each other. Even though we thought we knew it all already.

Here are a few quotes from a sleep deprived, slap happy pair... (i jotted down things that made us laugh throughout the night)

"Changing the gas price. Nope, just being homeless."- Drew

"Gooch" - M

"I'll have the JUMBO please." - Drew

"Get down there by the rat brain."- M

"I just dropped a 6lb Duggar. Let's name it Jeremiah."- Drew

"Wanna go TP Brad and Shelleys?" -Drew

"Yes!" -M

It. Was. Awesome.

Tiring, but awesome.

(I'd recommend it to a friend.)



L said...

I so want to do this with Michael.... except ours would have to be a stay up all day talking since we work all night! LOL!! But honestly at work so many things start coming out around 3:30am every single night.... all we do is laugh.... and keep our patients alive that is! :-D

Wonsch Family said...

whew, I guess that was a close one for us huh? Glad ya'll had fun on your all nighter :)

Anonymous said...

M this is awesome! JD and I have stayed up all night talking once or twice... I think we totally need to do this again!!!