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I can't even say how many times lately I have clicked that "new post" button only to delete the whole thing or get distracted a couple paragraphs in. Sigh. Sitting down long enough to write is difficult these days and I miss it. I know I have been saying that since Baby Brother was born but it's still true.

Speaking of the big guy, he is SO adorable these days. He is in the middle of his language explosion and all of his new words are cute and mixed  up in the most wonderful ways. 

His favorite song is Witch Doctor by Alvin and the Chipmunks and he requests it like this "Ooh Ah Ah?" Or sometimes "Ooh Ah Ah Bang Bang?" Adorable.

His favorite food is those little travel yogurt tubes. Gogurt. He calls them "tubes."

When he doesn't want or like something he says "Uh uh" before he says it... "Uh uh mommy bye bye." "Uh uh Daddy take." Aah it is SO cute.

He just pieces his llittle sentences together in the cutest possible ways.

Thunder is "Boom Boom"
Miles' name sounds like mommy when he says it.
Dog is "Wow wow"
Any bird is a "Peep peep"
Water is "Awa" He is trying to say the spanish word for water lol His best friend speaks spanish.
Lizard is "bite" (The first time he held a lizard it bit him)
Car is "broom"

I really need to start writing down all the cute things he says because I can never remember when I am sitting down to write. But trust me when I say he is absolutely adorable.

He starts gymnastics this wednesday and he is so excited to get to go "bye bye" with his big brother. he wants to do every single thing Miles does. :0)

Things are good here. Busy but good. I am seven hours from completing my internship for my major coursework so that is a huge weight lifted and just three weeks from this crazy summer semester ending! Hello two months of freedom! I only take two classes a term so I still have a year and a half til I get the old diploma and I am already sad that it's the beginning of the end. I.Love.School. Seriously NEVER thought I would be able to say that but it's true. It just makes me so much better. A better version of myself I guess is what I am trying to say. I am constantly learning something new. A new way of thinking, a different perspective to view situations through. Learning that just because it's what I always thought does NOT make it correct. That everyone has their very own version of "correct" and that is MORE than okay. In fact it is fabulous!It has all been very.... eye opening. La la love it. I highly recommend furthering your education!

Annnyway, my darling is away on business so I am trying to wait to go to bed until I can barely keep my eyes open. The big bed is very empty without him and sleeping alone kinda freaks me out. We all know how much I loathe guns and all the misery that comes with them but on nights like this I understand why people feel the need to have them in their homes. For us personally it isn't worth the risk but I totally get where they are coming from. Like, what would I do if someone busted in? My plan is to grab the kids and escape out the back door. Or out their window if need be. Maybe I'll sleep in clothes tonight just in case. Even if I had a gun though, it would be of no use to me really. Because it would be locked away in a safe with the bullets in a different safe in a completely different part of the house (for obvious safety reasons) so what would I do? "Oh, hang on Mr. Criminal Guy, let me just run and grab my AK5900 or whatever they heck people blast each other with these days." Yes, it seems the best plan for us is to arm the security system and be prepared to flee if necessary. I remember sleeping with a knife under my pillow in college. Ah the good ole days. 

Wow this post has really become a rambler. I must be getting tired after all.
Off to bed with me. Surely a safe and peaceful nights rest awaits us all.


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Lindley F said...

1: School + life + kids = HARD!!!
2: I spend 3 nights a week without my hubs home... it sucks! I don't have any firearms (I am seriously thinking about it though), my weapon(s) of choice (not as if I've actually had to use them) is a can of the raid wasp spray and a golf club (I prefer my 9 iron). I figure if someone breaks in, first I'll blind them with the wasp spray and then bash their skulls in (no judging please... if they decide to break in they have it coming).
3: I remember finding the said knife you slept with under your pillow in the college days... it scared the crap out of me. I don't think I ever spent the night with ya'll again... that being said, I think ya'll needed more hidden knives laying around. That place was scary!!!