of rants and rambles.

(Because they make me smile.)

Things are good. Graduation is ever creeping nearer. Masters programs are tickling my brain. Me? Yeah right. But maybe... Just maybe... I honestly never thought I'd be finishing my BA but that is happening so I guess you never know. I truly enjoy school. It is one thing I do just for me. I mean, in the long run it will benefit my family financially and all but the learning part of it is just so refreshing for me. It feels great to be sponging up the knowledge left and right. I was skypeing with my adviser last night and she kept mentioning how I'm practically finished with the major. WHAT!?! It reeeeally is within reach.

My calling at church has been a source of tremendous blessings already. I honestly feel like I am growing in the gospel again. What a beautiful thing that is. I find myself wanting to sit down and read the words of the prophets and actually taking the time to search my scriptures. Why didn't I do these things more often before? Either way I am grateful for the boost of motivation and a re- energized spirit. So so thankful for the gospel. The girls are completely fabulous and have been so sweet and welcoming. I can tell I am going to enjoy this calling. I love it already.

Drew is rounding out his final semester as an MBA student. As of May my baby will be on the done-zo list! Go baby go! You can do it you can do it!!!! He and I don't see a whole lot of each other but we are making the most of our moments and we just started planning our 8 year anniversary trip to NYC! Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far it looks like lots of good food (thanks Rand), a little Wicked, and seeing the sights in the big city. Yes. Time away together is much needed after finishing up his MBA program. He has worked very hard for 2.5 years and it is allllllmost time to celebrate!

Oliver is officially weaned and I HATE it. And he HATES it. If I could go back in time I would give less of a crap what people had to say about it and follow my instincts. I thought "Oh he'll sleep better once he's weaned. Oh, he'll start talking more if I cut him off. He's getting too big anyway. Blah, blah, blah." Boo I say. Boo. He is the grouchiest beast in the world every time he wakes up. He cries and screams and begs for his "boo boo." It is sad and I wish I had just let him nurse until he weaned himself. 

There are upsides to that story but right now I am venting so I'm only writing the boo hoos.

Amelia stop talking to me while I'm trying to blog. ;0) (j/k you know you can sit and talk to me all day everyday)

Anyway, my girl is here now so I'm gonna get my adult interaction on. 

JK again. She went to sleep. How rachet. bahahahahahahahahahahaha

One last bit of happy before I go. 
It's my birthday month!!!! I'm going to be 30! What!?! I judt don't even know what to say about it yet so we'll just leave it at that.

(Because she's awesome and she's sleeping on my love seat.)

Happy Friday!

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