Last Friday night I fell asleep with a smile spread all the way across my face.
It had been a really really great night.
Drew and I had our usual Friday night date (thank you again to our amazing babysitter) and we returned home with happy tummies to a clean house with sleeping children. (Like I said, amazing sitter.)
We had gone to Miller's. It's one of our favorites here in Tally and from the time we set foot out the door we were laughing.
Being married to a funny guy is the BEST ever. 
I highly recommend it.
If you are single, you should make "non-funny" a deal breaker ladies.
Anyway, the night just made me thankful once more for the man I married.
That kind, silly, perfectly suited-for-me-and-all-my-crazy husband of mine.

As Drew and I were in bed that night Miles called out to us from the hallway. "Hello? Is anybody there?" Turns out, he was awoken by what he thought was a chainsaw. Ummmm... Yeah, I have NO idea but it was pretty hilarious (maybe ya had to be there. Yeah you did.) and it kinda just made the night that much more perfect. After that he curled up between us and was in his sugary sweet sleepy state. Oh sleepy Miles is the very best Miles. He says cute things and wants to be held and hugs you back and returns "I love you's" I. Love. Sleepy. Miles.

I want to always remember lying there cuddled up tight with my husband and my sweet baby, with my other precious little lamb just feet away and the overwhelming love and joy that filled up every space in my heart. Family really is the most precious gift. I am so thankful and humbled that Heaven has blessed me with the incredible souls I share my life with.

So thankful.

A while back I was chatting with a beautiful older sister at church. She was recently returned from an overseas mission with her husband and was holding one of her sweet grand babies  I asked her if it's true that having grandchildren is even better than having your own children. She answered in a way different than any other grandmother I'd asked this question of and her response comes to my mind very often. 
So often. 
She told me that grandchildren are a tremendous blessing and a source of pure joy. But she added that in all her life, her sweetest, most precious memories are of the days when her children were all small and she would lay in bed at night knowing that they were all there together. All her babies safe in their beds. Everyone under one roof. Together. A family. 
I am so grateful for her perspective and the wisdom she shared that helps me remember to slow down and savor and appreciate these hectic, crazy days of young motherhood.

After all, family is kinda the whole point of...well everything.

And it really is the best ever.


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