little worlds.

Because I don't want to forget one second of how perfect you two are to me. Just as you are.

Big guy:

I love the way you smell like cinnamon and strawberries all day long from your oatmeal mixed with yogurt in the mornings.

I love the way you crawl into my bed in the middle of the night and squish as close as possible to me.

I love that you still want me to hold you even though you are my big big four year old.

I love the way you have freckles only one one side of your sweet face. Your perfect perfect sweet face.

I love that you say your prayers now without being asked. You know He is there and you are beginning to count on Him.

I love to listen to you making plans big and small. I hope one day you live them. Every last one.

I love your tricks.

Your dancing.

Your early morning sweetness.

I love the pictures you draw and the way you are learning how to spell everything.

I love the way you love to play outdoors and get muddy.

You are everything a mother could hope for in a baby boy.

I hope I tell you enough.

You are still my baby. 

And you always will be.

And to you sweet baby brother...

I love your happy happy face.

You are my smiley, silly little buddy.

I am so happy to be your mommy.

I love your voice. 

The way you say "Wha?"

The way you say "Pez Mama. Pez Dada. Bye Bye. Bapple. Yay" (that one means yes)

I love the way you smile so sweetly as you're falling asleep. I am happy that you have good things to think of as you drift away.

I love chasing you around our house.

It is so easy and wonderful to make you laugh baby.

I love your squishy baby booty.

The way you say "Hot" anytime anything hurts.

I love the way you sing the wheels on the bus. And Johnny works with one hammer.

You Love music.

I love it when you help me unload the dishwasher. Standing in the door, handing me every dish you can reach.

The way you laugh maniacally when you find a knife or an apple peeler.. anything dangerous really.

I love when you help me sort laundry and you call out "Mama. Dada." as you find clothes that belong to each of us.

I love you boys. You light up my life. And your Daddy is quite crazy about you too.


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freya said...

Your boys are so adorable! And so old! Make it stop!! :)