in case you ever wonder...

January can NOT end quickly enough here. We have been SICK SICK SICK pretty much all month long. And Husband came home from work barfing again today. It. Needs. To. End. The kids have been puking/suffering with diarrhea on and off for weeks and I have been dealing with my own brand of sickness as well. UGH. If any of us catch whatever it is Drew has today I am going to FREAK out. Like, for real.

Aside from the whole of my family blorching all month long, we have been up to some fun things as well.

Miles celebrated his birthday party at the park with TONS of awesome friends. Thanks again for celebrating with us guys. My mom made such a cool cake for his party and he received so many nice gifts. 

Drew's family is so incredible guys. When we went down to Tampa before Christmas they threw Miles a surprise birthday party and it made us so so happy. It was even a surprise to me! There were delicious cookie dough cupcakes (you don't even understand how scrumptious these things were), sweet monster truck gifts and lots of cute cousins singing Happy Birthday. 
Heart warming.

Oliver has decided it's time to smash head first into the tantrum phase of life. And I mean he has it perfected. His tantrums are loud, long and frequent. It can really start to grate on the nerves after about, oh... twenty seconds or so. Without the toddler freak outs though, he is a really funny and cool little kid. I kinda love him a whole lot. He is juuuuust starting to really babble and do the so so cute baby jibber jabber. He says a few actual words but not many. I am excited because I know one day very soon his language is just going to erupt and it is going to be so awesome. 

Drew is surviving his last semester, though he has horrendous senior-itis. He only has to make it 3 more months. You can do it babe!!!

I am taking another couple of very interesting classes this term. I think all my classes from here on out will be very interesting to me though so that's good. I'm in Stress and Resilience and Child Guidance. I LOVE reading about how to better prepare to work with children and all the different ways families cope with stress and crisis. I wish I could take full-time classes and get finished sooner but alas, tis not in the cards for me. It's gonna be a long, slow road. 

I am SO enjoying my calling in Young Women. The girls are seriously rock stars. They make me laugh and give me so much hope for the rising generation. If more people could see what I see every Sunday there would be much less talk of doom and gloom about. I am excited to (hopefully) influence them in positive directions and help them realize their beautiful potential as daughters of God. They have already inspired me in so many wonderful ways, I hope I can reciprocate.

So, that's what's up with us lately. Life in a nutshell. I am feeling hopeful for a great year ahead and a few heavy burdens have been lifted just in the last week. God is good. That's all I am going to say on that for now. He is SO so good.

Happy weekending,



Eloquent Obi said...

Feel better soon everyone! I remember those classes too. I studied Family and Child Sciences at FSU. If you need any help, let me know :) Love the pics!

The Hargretts said...

I'm so sorry that your family has been so sick this month! I feel so bad when I hearing "tossing cookies" (as I like to say it) is involved. I am so excited for your new calling in YW. Seriously, ever since we moved into the ward I have thought to myself... Marquases would be awesome in Young Women and now you're there!! It just stinks that I don't have a girl that would be working with you. haha Maybe later in life =)