thinking about thinking about thinking and being sleepy.

I love the quiet peace of a sleeping house.
A house, that when it wakes is filled to overflowing with kisses and smiles and laughter.
(And farting, tantrums, dirty dishes and mood swings but for now, let's just go with the kisses and stuff)
I am so happy with the little family Heaven has seen to bless me with. When I look at them, and how they love me so. Despite all my imperfections. I know I must be doing at least a little something right.
I am so far from perfect.
Everyday I do or say something I wish I didn't. Every. Single. Day.
I am so thankful to have someone who cared enough to help me do it better tomorrow.
Someone who sees me for who I truly am.
Who knows my name.
Who always listens when I call. Even when it's been a while and there's that awkward... "So...long time no talk..."
He doesn't mind that I'm not perfect.
That's actually kinda the whole point.
I am His work in progress.
I know He loves me.
And I know he cares about even the silliest, mundane detail of my small small life here.
He created that life after all.
I want to live to make Him proud.
To make Him smile when He thinks of me.
I want to fall asleep every night knowing I did my very best.
I want the same for you.
And I know He does too.
He lives.
He loves us.
Every. Single. One.



Jennifer said...

Great post!

KSS said...

beautiful post. Needed this. Thank you<3

Eloquent Obi said...

beautiful post! so blessed to have his love indeed!