Sleep will be here soon but before it comes I will write.
The weather lately has been beautiful.
It makes my heart happy and my soul feel free.
I swear the sunshine just scorches off all the icky parts of my days and leaves a sprinkling of happy all over.
I could live in a sunny patch of grass.
Perhaps I was a cow in another life. Yeah, that sounds about right. Eating, sleeping, giving milk.
Yes. He is still nursing. ;0) Got him down to twice a day now though so get off my back!!!
JK you can stay there. It means you care. That you haven't given up on me and you're interested. I can't really complain about that now can I?
Things this week have been complex. Happy, sad, irritating, busy. Mostly busy. And sunny.
Sunny is the very best.
I am so happy in my new calling working with the Young Women of the church. They make me laugh. Inspire me to be better. Help me stop taking myself so seriously and just have fun.
I have already learned SO much.
Thank you Lord.
Drew is my favorite lately. (Well, always but lately he is on a really funny kick and that's pretty awesome.)
We don't get too much time together with work, school, kids and trying to sleep once in a while but the time we do steal to ourselves makes my heart full.
I love living with my best friend.
He makes life so very... bearable.
Cuz let's face it. So many days life is really, really hard.
I am lucky to have his hand to hold when everything is totally screwed up.
When I know I'm wrong but am not quite ready to say it out loud.
He just hugs me and tells me I'm right.
And when I finally do admit it, he'll just hug me and tell me I'm right.
I mean there's really not anything better than that is there?



Eloquent Obi said...

You make paint on clothes look SO pretty and your hair is of course flawless. I am glad Drew is back and you are getting time with him. Continue to enjoy! Love reading about you and your boys. Good luck with those girls in Young Women! --Obi

Eloquent Obi said...

wanted to let you know that i nominated you for the Libester blog award! congrats! http://myeloquentrambles.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-first-liebster-award-ahhh.html