My baby turned four. He is four. He wanted to go to the park and bowling for his big day so naturally we obliged. We had so much fun celebrating as a family of four and being joined by my family in the evening for bowling. 

I held him a little longer than usual at bedtime on his last night of being three. He is growing up so fast and I know the time is soon when he won't want mom lingering in his room at night. He has such a sweetness to him my Miles. There are parts of him that are grown up beyond his years and yet so much of his baby-ness remains. 

I love the way he uses an "r" in the word put. "Purt."
I love how he enjoys showing off for me. Today he was riding his big boy bike with no hands. What now!?!?
I love the way he always negotiates for what he wants. He is a determined little fellow for sure.

He is a very very special child. He gets easily annoyed with his little brother but completely freaks out if Oliver ever comes anywhere near harms path.
He is an incredibly gifted climber, tumbler and dancer. I won't be surprised at all if he ends up in some kind of performing arts for a time in his life. 
He loves his grandparents. All three sets. He is always excited to see them. Such a blessed little boy.

I love you Miles. You are coming out of your bedroom for the thirtieth time tonight so I will wrap this up. You have been my sunshine from the day you were born. I still remember our first night in the hospital. I rubbed your tiny cheek against mine and relished in the softness of your baby skin. I knew then that no child could ever be more perfectly mine. You make my life so so happy.

Happy Birthday,

(Wondering why he is so joyous and me not so much here? Yeah, he had just farted on me. The boy loves farts like no other. Wow.)

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Eloquent Obi said...

Happy Birthday Miles and Happy Birthing day Momma! Boys will be boys with farts, and frogs, and all those things that make us women go "ewww". He is too cute and so are you! Thanks for following my blog :)