I am still reeling from the horrific tragedy that happened in CT last week. I know you are too. It is impossible to keep it from coming to my mind throughout my days. Here with my little ones, and the little ones I care for that belong to other mothers. How are those sweet parents still breathing after losing their babies? How will they ever survive this? Could I if I had to? I have been praying and praying again for the families, as I am sure you have as well. Heavenly Father is bigger than all of this. This scary world filled with evil and hate and people that lose control. 

He has His arms around those precious babies right now. 
And they are happy. 
And they are whole.

But we are left here. Left feeling helpless and lost. Completely powerless to turn back time; to stop their innocent lives from being cut brutally short. 

We are powerless to save those beautiful little ones. But we are not too late to protect others. We must stand together in this battle to safeguard the most precious among us. You are right. Now is not the time for politics. Politics is slow, grinding to a halt at every turn. Now is the time for action.

What will you do to help protect the children?

What will I?


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BlackBelle said...

I know you care and will protect any and all children. I look up to you. You are a great example of a good person and mother. I hope you and yours had a great Christmas!