screen shot.

He's pretty much the bees knees. One of the best moments of the meeting with the bishop when I received my new calling was glancing over to Drew just after the Bishop revealed the reason he'd called us in. His eyes were shining with happiness. He has known that I've wanted to work with the youth since we've been married and I could just feel his excitement for me. It was a great moment. 

I am so grateful for the support you offer me in everything I do hunnie. You always build me up and tell me I can. Sometimes you help more than I should probably let you but it is so wonderful to know you always, always have my back.

There is nothing in this world more important to me than us. The two of us. As long as we're good, everything else is manageable. Even on days when everything sucks. 

I love you and am so grateful for the quiet moments we are able to steal during these years of crazy baby raising, degree seeking, full-time working, you name it we do it, marriage. What are we gonna do someday when things finally do slow down? 

Thank you for making me laugh everyday. For fighting for me when I'm worn down. For encouraging me to chase my dreams. For being happy just because I am happy. You are amazing. There is no one I'd rather hold onto when it all falls down.
I am so blessed to share the journey with you.

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